• Andrés Martínez, science journalist

    Ceramides, essential for the skin

    12 Dec Ceramides, essential for the skin

    The ceramides are natural body components that have been demonstrated to be excellent moisturizers and a valuable ally against ageing and certain skin conditions. Given these properties, they are included in the formulations for many currently available cosmetic products. https://buyclomidonlaine.com


    Ceramides are essential components of the outermost layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum, which acts as a barrier and helps keep the skin hydrated. The ceramides represent about 40% of the lipids (fats) in this layer (the other lipids are mainly cholesterol and fatty acids). Acting something like cement in a brick wall, the ceramides bind dead cells to each other and so slow down water loss and block penetration by harmful substances from the exterior. They also improve skin elasticity and cohesion. Read More

  • Andrés Martínez, science journalist

    Doing Sport Without Paying With Your Hide

    2 Nov Doing Sport Without Paying With Your Hide

    Nobody doubts that sport is healthy, but we should take certain precautions to ensure that our skin does not pay the price. Paying attention to clothing, understanding how ambient conditions affect us, and following some basic guidelines will help us to maintain the good appearance and health of our skin.


    The sun shines through the window. Carmen says to herself, ai???todayai??i??s the dayai???. She has decided to start running in order to lose a few pounds. She is wearing new runners (naturally!) and decides to go out in a T-shirt, due to the warm winter sun. Her first jogging session ends with sore feet, blisters and red skin. Read More

  • Andrés Martínez, science journalist

    Chemophobia and naturephilia

    30 Jun

    Nowadays people are fanatical about so-called natural products and skin treatments. This is a logical reaction after a decades-long synthetics boom. But natural does not always mean healthy. Artificial products are, in many cases, irreplaceable and have positive effects that were unknown before their discovery.


    The word ai???chemistryai??? provokes suspicion in many minds and, in some, outright rejection. The adjective ai???naturalai???, meanwhile, embodies the notions of safety and health and generates confidence and unconditional approval. Overlooked is the fact that we ourselves and our environment are the result of chemistry and also that nature is an enormous raw material factory and a source of inspiration for synthetic man-made chemicals. Our natural skin is pure chemistry. Read More

  • Andrés Martínez, science journalist

    Detoxing the skin: a myth

    26 May

    Detoxing is all the rage and detox products number in their dozens on shop shelves. Countless diets propose eliminating toxins from the body by all possible means. It may well be that many of these means are healthy, but the skin does not accumulate toxins and neither can toxins be easily eliminated through the skin.


    Today, detoxifying the body and its organs is an obsession. We are offered diets, exercises and treatments aimed at purifying our bodies from within. We are also told that certain products applied to our skin will not only remove toxins, but will also cleanse our insides. Read More