• Fede Montagud, editor

    Men are increasingly vain

    28 Feb Men are increasingly vain

    , ed drugstore, ed drugstore, ed drugstore, ed drugstore, ed drugstore, ed drugstore, ed drugstore. Men are increasingly vainThe market for male skin care products is growing rapidly. New functional deodorants and toiletries are outselling traditional shaving foams and gels and aftershaves.Ai?? Are tough, hairy, ungroomed men a thing of the past?


    For many years, shaving products were hands-down winners in sales of personal care products to men. But changes are afoot. Recent studies predict that demand for deodorants and other toiletries in 2013 will exceed demand for classic shaving products and will probably double the latter in sales volume by 2016. Reasons include the fashion for the ai???three-day-beardai??? look and the wide range of multifunctional products available for men: moisturizers with sunscreen, anti-acne and anti-ageing products, creams for dry skin, sensitive skin, the eye area, etc. Note, however, that deodorants themselves account for 50% of this growing male market, with a diversified offer in fragrances and effects.Ai?? A final point to consider is that sales of menai??i??s toiletries through Internet outlets are growing twice as fast.

  • Josep Orellana, science journalist

    Hives: not dangerous, but annoying

    26 Feb Hives: not dangerous, but annoying

    Welts and itching are usually symptoms of urticaria, also called hives. Hives usually come and go quickly, although longer-term treatment is necessary for some cases. Tight clothing and the cold aggravate itchiness. The truth is that the precise origin of this irritating condition is unknown. buyclomidonlaine.com


    Urticaria is a very common allergic disorder, characterized by the appearance of red, swollen welts on the skin. The main symptom is severe itchiness. In most cases, a bout of hives disappears almost immediately or within 24 hours. But sometimes the hives persist for months or even years. Hives affect 20% of the population at some time or another in their lives, most often women. The origin is unknown in 70% of cases. Read More

  • Fede Montagud, editor

    ai???Beauty drinksai???: cosmetic refreshments

    24 Feb ai???Beauty drinksai???: cosmetic refreshments

    We all want healthy skin that looks good, so we try to take care of it with good hygiene and the right products. Nutricosmetics, thanks to their functional ingredients, try to stimulate ai???beauty from withinai??? as well as improve health. But it is not easy to convince consumers of the benefits. buyclomidonlaine.com/buy-clomid-online-now-to-resolve-your-infertility-issue/clomiphene



    Coca-Cola soon plans to launch a line of market-based nutricosmetic drinks based on mineral water, fruit juices and active ingredients that, depending on the product consumed, will enhance your tan, strengthen your hair and nails, help you lose weight or enhance your vitality. Called Beautific Oenobiol, the drinks will be distributed in pharmacies under a marketing agreement with French drugmaker Sanofi. In trying to build consumer interest in nutricosmetic products, this new initiative to sell beauty from within is an attempt to succeed where Nestle and L'OrAi??al failed. Gaining consumer confidence is not easy, because the medical evidence regarding the effects of such products is not entirely convincing, while legislation increasingly imposes more stringent accuracy requirements on manufacturers.

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  • Lourdes Varadé, chemical engineer

    Collagen injections

    21 Feb Collagen injections

    In looking for the elixir of eternal youth for our skin we donai??i??t think twice about an injection or any other kind of pain. But are treatments definitive? Do they turn back time? Collagen is one of the hottest options available at present.


    Collagen is the main fibrous component in the skin and bones. A quarter of the protein mass in our body is collagen, which forms 75% of the connective tissue. Collagen acts as the scaffolding for our skin. One cause of sagging skin is reduced collagen content. Collagen injections are used mainly to fill in areas of the face that have lost firmness and become wrinkled due to the passing of time. The main function of collagen is as a filler material for empty spaces in the deeper layers of the skin, thereby eliminating the fine lines that so many people dread. Read More