• Núria Estapé, science journalist

    The skinai??i??s invisible enemies

    30 Mar

    Modern dermatology is very familiar with the factors that most aggressively damage the skin. Air pollution and sudden temperature and humidity changes can alter the functions of the acid mantle and age skin cells prematurely. Although it is often impossible to avoid the invisible enemies of our skin, knowing what they are can help us fight them.


    Many factors and harmful habits can alter the protective function of our skin. Until recently it was believed that smoking and excessive exposure to the sunai??i??s ultraviolet rays were the worst offenders. Now, however, it is known that pollution is equally harmful. Read More

  • Fede Montagud, editor

    Synthetic collagen

    26 Mar

    American scientists have come up with a synthetic product with characteristics and behaviour that are virtually identical to human collagen.Ai?? This new material could form the basis for many body care products by replacing the collagen of animal origin used in the cosmetics industry today.


    Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and is a core component of the skin, blood vessels, tendons and cartilage. The collagen used in cosmetic products and beauty treatments (filler injections) is of animal origin and can cause allergic and immunologic reactions. If the mandatory clinical trials prove positive, the new synthetic product could replace natural collagen in about five years.



    Nature Chemistry

    Cosmetics Design


  • Susana Andújar, chemist

    Understanding labels: Whatai??i??s in my shower gel?

    23 Mar

    Most of us use shower gels for hygiene and daily skin care. There are hundreds of brands and thousands of packages, colours, textures and fragrances. Unless we are experts, reading labels raises many doubts. What are all these ingredients and what effect do they have on our skin?


    The main action of body and facial hygiene products is to remove the dirt accumulated on our skin. We consider a good hygiene product to be one that cleans us and produces abundant foamy lather while not irritating the skin or mucous membranes. In addition to this primary function, depending on the ingredients, gels may also have antiseptic, moisturizing or stimulating effects. But do we really know whatai??i??s in our shower gel? Read More

  • Fede Montagud, editor

    Yarrow has skin anti-ageing properties

    21 Mar

    A recent study has shown that yarrow, a common plant in the northern hemisphere, increases skin thickness and improves the appearance of wrinkles and pores. This opens the way for use of this ingredient in cosmetic rejuvenation formulations.


    The French scientists who conducted the studyAi?? tested around 1000 possible cosmetic ingredients. The yarrow plant (Achillea millefolium) ai??i?? specifically a 2% extract ai??i?? showed the best results. Over two months of treatment, the skin of the study volunteers became generally smoother and substantially improved in terms of the appearance of crow's feet, pores and wrinkles.



    Cosmetics Design

    Journal of Cosmetic Science