• Laura Chaparro, science journalist

    Tips for a healthy skin

    30 Jan

    Science shows that certain factors affecting healthy skin and a youthful appearance depend directly on our lifestyle. Some of these factors are using moisturizers, eating properly, not smoking, avoiding excessive exposure to the sun and minimizing stress.


    It is widely believed that your genes determine whether or not youai??i??ll have healthy, youthful skin. This is indeed partly true, but it is also within our power to control much of what happens to our skin. A study of 186 pairs of genetically identical twins by researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland (USA) demonstrates how the environment and lifestyle have markedly different effects on siblings over time. Read More

  • Fede Montagud, editor

    Lavender oil is a potent antifungal agent

    21 Jan


    Certain fungi, such as some Candida species, live harmoniously in the flora of our skin, feeding off one of the skinai??i??s components, keratin.Ai?? However, an imbalance can cause difficult-to-cure skin infections.


    A Journal of Medical Microbiology study by researchers at the University of Coimbra (Portugal) reports that essential lavender (Lavandula viridis) oil could be an inexpensive substitute forAi??usual medicines that typically have side effects. The scientists, who have conducted in vitro tests, are confident that clinical trials will confirm the therapeutic action of lavender oil, an ingredient already widely used in the cosmetics industry.



    Journal of Medical Microbiology




  • Susana Andújar, chemist

    Is allantoin a miracle product?

    17 Jan

    Allantoin was discovered in the early 20th century, became popular in subsequent decades and today is one of the cosmetic industryai??i??s most used ingredients. It offers many health, beauty and skin care benefits and has so few drawbacks that its replacement is unlikely, at least in the coming years.Ai??Ai??Ai??


    The cosmetics industry continues to launch new active ingredients and innovative pharmaceutical forms, with improved, faster and more effective results for users.Ai?? The current European regulation on cosmetic products attaches great importance to product ingredient safety and to licensed doses.Ai?? According to these criteria, allantoin is a star molecule, due both to its beneficial effects for the skin and its safety profile. Read More

  • Anna Solana, science journalist

    One in two Europeans has ai???sensitive skinai??i??

    11 Jan

    Sensitive skin is experienced by millions of people as terse, reddened and flaky skin. The cause may be hereditary or psychosomatic or may be a reaction to external factors (cold, dryness and certain products). Sensitive skin can be treated, but it requires patience.


    The concept of ai???sensitive skinai??i?? does not appear in traditional dermatology manuals. Increasingly, however, more products are available for protecting sensitive skin and alleviating reactions to different stimuli. But how do we distinguish it from a skin that is temporarily reactive or from allergic skin? Read More